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r a m b l e r

Life in Reverse

Youth is wasted on the young, or, life a la Benjamin Button.  As we keep spinning around the sun, I am often rocked by this concept but struggle to put it into practice in my own life.  What would you do differently if life was lived in reverse?
I am in the thick of mothering littles and more often than I care to admit, am willing this stage to hurry past us.  The old, 'it will be better when...' type of thinking.  When they are out of diapers, when they are sleeping soundly through the night, when they are feeding themselves and the list goes on.  However, it never EVER fails, when I look back over memories of my life with or without kids, what often crosses my mind is: 'oh, sweet girl, I wish you knew then what you know now.'
Take a moment to jump back 5 years ago...pull up a photo...instagram should make that easy.  Look at your face - probably less wrinkles, maybe a little more rested.  Try to remember what you were feeling when it was taken and where you were at in life.  I bet there are a million things you would say to yourself - gentle things, loving things, probably some advice about enjoying a little more and not worrying so much.  Maybe you don't even recoginze the person as she was so naive compared to where you are today and what you have been through.  
Naiveté can be a wonderful thing, can't it? 

Life absolutely keeps getting richer and more beautiful as you add layers, more depth that only experience can bring.  But I sure don't like looking back and wishing I enjoyed more, gave more, laughed more.  I now have the privilege of weaving a life for my family and creating moments that will make up my kid's childhood memories.  A pretty incredible responsibility when you think about it!  I want to find the beauty in the ordinary for all of us.  Ten years from now I want to see that exhausted photo of me taken today and know with confidence that I made our days as lovely as I could, filled my boy's little hearts with memories and moved gracefully into the next stage of life.

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Hey Austin...


Hey Austin...We are coming your way!  So excited to be a part of the upcoming Mini Market on November 4th.  If you are there, please come say hello...we can't wait to meet you!

Austin mini market 2018

Sunday, Nov 4th 10AM - 4PM 
South Congress Hotel, Austin TX

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